Saturday, January 12, 2013

2nd last day in hk

not looking forward to the heat. going to melt.

i guess living in hk for a month, you get to know what's considered expensive/cheap in hk dollars, but everything (except for a few things on my list) are cheaper in hk.

tomorrow's going to be the worst plane flight ever. sick ): which means i won't have the energy for an all nighter to watch movies on the plane. i guess i could say i've been pretty good since i've been next to my coughing brother/sick aunt and in close contact for a month. and i've survived hk's winter (which just feels like aus spring) with just t-shirts and thin jackets.

i think i also got sick from yday's wet ride and then running around and kept my jacket on. sometimes i get sick from extreme heat.

totally going over weight. will need to purchase an extra baggage for communal stuff. it's actually cheaper than sending a box over by ship/plane when you purchase extra buggage online.

decided not to buy a new camera. used the money to contribute to get mum a new iphone. haha, getting everyone in my fam to use iphones...

had high tea today at The Peninsula, which is number one in hk. so good and there was live music (: i have a feeling i'm going to throw up but don't want to, since that high tea cost at least 80 aussie bucks...damn..sick already in the beginning of the year ):

and i didn't tell the person properly since i couldn't speak up, so he didn't layer my hair, but whatever, i actually don't really care about my hair compared to most other girls. and sometimes change is good.

managed to buy everything on my to buy list (except for a work dress since i figured if i bought one, i would never wear it)

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