Tuesday, January 15, 2013

and the chores begin. have not done chores for a month.

ceebs unpacking.

why did i volunteer to help out at church right after i got back from hk..? now it feels like i have no responsbility since i skipped helping out for two days since i'm sick.

and following bitter's post, i used to full love australians, that was back like almost ten years ago when hewitt was good. now the only hope for guys is Tomic. and then they also showed other random aussies whom i have never heard of. this year seems to be more focused on australians even though we suck. like they have a flag next to their names-they have never done that before, from memory.

got an email on my other email the school doesn't know about. principal is stalking me asking for my atar D= same with another friend who hasn't given out her hotmail email and still got an email from the principal. seriously, how did she get it?

oh, and anne hathaway for best supporting actress. i wonder if she won that award because she cut her hair for les mis...

so much to blog about. might actually do drafts so i won't forget what to write about.

early morning tomorrow. first one in a long time.

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