Monday, January 14, 2013

Happy Apple's Survey

my first ever survey. i think i'll only do surveys if another blogger makes them, otherwise i ceebs. i've been wanting to do it for a while.

1)  Do you have a middle name? If not, what would you make your middle name?
nup. i wish i did since my whole name is only 7 letters.

2) Name a pet peeve of one of your parents.
     my mum always nagging me about my posture

3) Which European country would you most like to visit?
       England, since it's historic and so many sights and it's posh. if we're talking about fun, then France since there's a disneyland!! then italy cause of more sights and food, then a country with really picturesque snow, then spain. i was talking to my aunt before, and they said spain's food is cheap, for a hk person, so it will be super duper cheap for the aussie dollar. but i would like to go to america before i go to an european country.

4) What was the happiest day of your life? If you can’t remember, what makes you the happiest?
many things make me happy. i like eating with family and friends (:

5) Name three things on your desk.
t    hmm, my desk is so messy atm, more messy than during hsc. i have this really cool pen from disneyland which is from tim burton's nightmare before christmas. it has this button thing and the skull lights up and spins/vibrates and makes a noise. also a stash of red packets, and earphones from my business class trip back in nov.

6) In your opinion, what is the most useless gift you can give?
a bath bomb/block of soaps. also stationary since i never use them, i only use practical stationary.

7) A language you wish you had complete mastery over?
Mandarin, since everyone says it's useful (but i still hate chinese school).

8) What do you wish you had learnt as a child and developed so you were good at it now?
     Heaps of stuff like singing, ice skating and horse riding, figure diving

9) Your favourite feature physically? (Don’t say you don’t like anything!)
e   hmm, i don't know. maybe teeth, after all the pain i endured from getting braces.

10)  Your favourite thing personality-wise?
u  understanding people

11) Do you want to change yourself this year?
i      i want to talk to more people, be more patient, no whine a lot, be more quick-if that makes sense

12) What are you planning to study?
most likely pharmacy even though it would be a "waste of atar points". still hoping for this other thing somewhere else.

13) Are you an Apple person?
Yes! i'm sure you bloggers would know by now. apple stuff are really genius (: i actually have more than i need. i have a red ipod nano gen 3 which i stopped using in yr 11 since i stopped taking a bus (i still think the wheel thing is really cool), an old iphone 3 which is super laggy-i think my bro may inherit this since the spare htc phone is locked so he can't use his sim card with it, iphone 5 and a macbook pro. oh, the only apple product my parents have bought is the laptop, everything else was given. also, only after the ipad was invented that more companies tried to copy by making their own tablets. i'm still not sure what i would do if i have an ipad since iphones are even more portable...i also love the fruit (:

14) What is your favourite word?
don't have one.

15) Do you like the date of your birth?
yep, and so far when it's a "black friday" something good always happens (:

 16) What is the coolest thing you have made?
umm...this cross stitch book mark with the letter E and other details, and also a simple crystal like bracelet. 

17) Introvert or extrovert?

18) Do you prefer lemons or limes?

19) What do you find the most annoying “first world problem”?
    when the internet dies when i need it most (like when i finished my hsc..). also when there's no air con and it's super duper hot. 

20) Do you behave differently at home?
      yep, also wear different clothes. i have outside clothes and inside clothes. they never cross each other.

21) What is your favourite kind of shopping? Or do you dislike all forms of shopping?
clothes shopping, but after hk, i'm going to try to not buy a single piece of clothing/shoes/accessories until my birthday, unless it's cheaper here than in hk (which is almost impossible) or i simple adore it too much, or i have to buy it for purpose because i got told to.

22) What are your views on feminism? (Sorry.)
gender equality.

23) On a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being hermit and 10 being aware of things practically before they happen how aware of world events are you?
      maybe a six. i do read and watch the news, even when i was overseas.

24) What will you do when you retire?
t    travel!!!!!!! go sightseeing at famous places (since i think i'll be too old to go on roller coasters by then..), eat high class food when i'm overseas and also try cheap food of that country, and spend time with family.

25) If you were designing your future house, what style would you have?
     i love modern and big houses. i would love to like in a mansion, or a house with a lift, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, and an underground garage. ok, this will never happen, but my future/dream house would be big and include all the "cool" stuff you see in movies/hear in books. oh and i like big windows.
     realistically, i would like a big modern house with a pool, but parts of the house should have a different touch.

26) What is an appliance you would love to own?
mix master or a coffee machine (don't really drink coffee, but i got a barista cert in yr10 and haven't really been able to practice my skills)

27) Will you drive a Toyota when you grow up?
already driving a toyota, but when i "grow up", as in get a proper job, i would like a bmw (: not a mercedes cause they're too posh for my liking and aren't as "cool". i like audi's headlights. i really do love my cars. need to do another blog post about this. i love my sportscars (:

28) What is a common expression of the 21st century you cannot stand?
don't really like roflmao of lmfao. rofl itself is ok.

29) Describe something that has happened to you that you were so sure would not happen or vice versa.
     didn't think i would make it to baulko. oh, didn't think i would band 6 chem two years ago, but they happened.

30) What are your plans for your blog’s future?
 keep blogging, i like blogging and reading people's blogs (:

yay, tennis started today!

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