Monday, January 21, 2013

Connect #7

so i finally went to my first connect. talks were good, people were really nice (:

like you know more people there than you think. friends of friends, and people who you didn't think would go. i met a guy who does combined med and music at usyd. so music is like "what do you feel/think" and med is just "do this and that". quite an interesting combo. i like socialising. what i learnt?

- everyone fails phys, no matter how hard you try.
- maths 1131 and 1141 are the same thing except for the exams. you learn differentiation in an hour unlike high school which you learn over a few weeks.
- don't buy the maths textbook, just buy the coursebook
- attend math lectures. others are "ok" to skip
- chem is ok.
- getting distinctions and hds are heaps harder than you think.
- join stuff
- optom is just a hectic life with over 20 hours and it gets worse from there. gg social life.

that match yesterday especially the last game was intense! i hope finals are between federer and nole. yayay federer!!! stayed up to watch it yesterday (: i would understand why wawrinka would cry. i would also cry if i was sooooo close to beating world no.1. i think the crowd was quite wild. they cheered just as loud for both sides towards the end, actually they just full cheered whenever a point was made. lol-fango question during the fifth set: "have you changed your mind yet? do you think nole can win?" before it was 80ish percent and during 5th set, it dropped to 50ish percent.
raonic's serve is really quite amazing. 238km/h (even though it didn't go into play), and apparently only 0.5s to react :O

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