Monday, January 7, 2013

when the mtr dies

i've always wondered what would happen when hk's metro system, the mtr, which everyone depends on, dies.

well i experienced it today (:

it wasn't a major station, just an interchange station on the west part of hk. i got off the train and there were sooo many people on the platform. people couldn't get on to change trains. after about four train loads of people got off and waited, there was an announcement. first in canto, after it was announced everyone was angry, and i mean angry. since it was super formal canto, had to wait for the English translation. apparently signal interuptions something something. you could feel everyone panicking and calling people not to catch the mtr to that station.

the thing is, since i'm living in a new-ish part of hk, there are no buses, and it's a waste of money catching a taxi with only two people (and i doubt there would be enough taxi's to accomodate the loads of people), so most people waited.

there were angry mobs against one staff member, then there were police who were trying to calm/reason with them. most angry people were old men.

ended up waiting for 30mins, which is how often trains come in syd, compared to mtr's almost every minute. at least the ride was free! i don't see cityrail giving out free train rides for every train they delay.

basically in short, once part of the mtr dies, everyone gets stuck under the ground on the platform.

to other news, i got "played" today whilst buying shoes. it's really funny since my brother has a bromance with a guy in the other shoe shop next door who said to my bro: "oh, i remember you" and had a nice friendly convo (since my mum and my bro spent over 2 hours in that shop last time just to buy 3 pairs of shoes). i asked the guy what was good about this shoe, and he fully explained everything, then he heard my talking to my bro in English and asked me where i was from. then tried to make more convo with me and asked me about my life story, and saying how my canto was good. then he asked me to teach him some English so he could use it to sell other stuff. he was cute, but not as cute as the flight attendents in business class from my townsville flight. btw, i think there is a difference between cute and hot.

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  1. Aw, MTR stuffing up. Imagine if that happened at Central or something, lol. The whole station would be filled with angry people.

    Haha, you and your brother and that shoe shop guy.