Thursday, January 17, 2013


lol- they stopped showed federer for a while since we all know he will win. and showed the intense last set between monfils and lu. it was actually quite funny towards the end since monfils kept on double faulting and acing when he got the advantage.

never thought i would be a unsw person. i just want to go to usyd for the buildings/location.

there's more than i thought number of people going to unsw.

uni is going to be worse than high school in terms of study. i am only 24 hours late in enrolling and all the good classes were gone (but you'd expect one to go, since for my course, a lot of the classes only have two times). and things with only two times are always after 3.

it suckssssss. early mornings and late nights. no going out. no party/social life. no time for a job. i don't even have many breaks. fingers crossed only 1st year is jam-packed. i wonder what med people's timetables are like....

oh, and i met this person from my church's morning service. so she did one year of med, then 2 years of physio, and this year she got in JCU (so she was secretly a competition). she really wanted to do med, so tried every single year. so by the time she graduates, she'll be around 30.

no offer from JCU. i knew i screwed up my interview since it went undertime. even if i did get in, i don't think i can survive by myself, since apparently, all on campus w/ catering accommodation were already full in early december. and it's way too hot, even when i went in spring last year.

i actually forgot what preferences i put down for uac until the letter reminded me. i actually didn't really put much thought into my choices and kept forgetting what i put down/what order. i guess i can try really, really hard to transfer, but if i like my course, then i can continue.

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