Saturday, January 5, 2013

my camera

so i went to the beach today despite it being winter etc. it wasn't much of a beach. i think the sand was imported since they have trees in the sand.


it was kind of both his and mine's fault.

but still. it was let off from his hands.

THREE YEARS! I HAVE NEVER DONE ANYTHING BAD TO MY CAMERA. and i used my own moneyh to buy it, and back then, it was the top model touch camera-500 aussie dollars. it had panorama before people even knew what panorama was (three years ago...)

so i went to look at cameras in the arvo. i still have enough money from my 10K, but i was not planning to buy a camera since i bought a new phone. and the new sony cameras aren't as sleek. i was hoping for thiner, but they were more rounded and no wifi unlike samsung. they cost about 400 aussie dollars-and i was also hoping for less than 300 but better quality. and even though it's hk, i don't think many people fix scratches. i really, really like my camera since it's as thin as my iphone 3.

i secretly know i would waste more money by buying a new camera since my phone camera is pretty good. and i guess it still works (thank goodness that it was made in Japan). i think psychologically that my brain is telling me it lags and doesn't work, but in reality in works fun. just scratched ))))): i cannot stand any of my electronics being scatched ):

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  1. Lol, I've gone to two beaches already.

    Aw, I really liked your camera too, and how compact it was. D: