Wednesday, January 16, 2013

offers thoughts

i have yet to check main round offers, but just saying, i forgot to tell you guys i edited one of my previous posts, and my atar increased 0.05 not 0.5, so 0.05 is basically pointless since there's all these bonus points, and i can basically do anything. 0.05 increase would only be useful if i got 99.6 and needed 99.65 for law, or if i got 99.7 and the 2013 atar cut off for usyd law increased to 99.75 for 2013. kind of laughing in my head, but i know 0.05 will be defs useful for other people.

i think atars become redundant unless you're doing med/law since you can get 5 bonus points. if i did get an atar in the low 90s, you can still do almost anything.

hmm, why don't other states show offers the same say as nsw?
it's quite annoying.

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