Friday, January 11, 2013

Ocean Park

last time i went was in 07/08, and last time my dad went was when he was young-ish.

yay, no lines! except for the ferris wheel. i could've finished everything, but my bro was like "don't waste time by going on all the children rides" so we just did each rollercoaster/ride 2 to three times. not scary at all, just fun. i like to sit at the front and put my hands up for the whole ride. except sometimes when you don't brace yourself,  your head fully rocks everywhere since the ride is very shaky. but they're such good wind coolers. like we went on a wet ride, and after two rides, we were completely dry.

also managed to fit some shows in. didn't go to the big aqaurium, but went to all the other ones. last time we did everything. last time the dragon was coloured blue and under maintanence, but we could go on it this time (:

the show with water was pretty cool. they also had fire and it was pretty hot. fire on water is a pretty interseting combo.

experienced what people meant my mainland chinese. so we were waiting to board the train back since they had an announcement that the cable car line was super long. while i was standing, a couple of asian 50/60 years olds just push behind me even though there wasn't any space to move forward. SO FREAKIN RUDE. THEY DO NOT KNOW HOW TO LINE UP LEGIT. then they just start shouting so i got my bro and dad to kind of block them with oour arms. then i full shouted in their face LINE UP. EVERYONE ELSE IS LINING UP. then i could understand some of their mando about how they don't understand, so i spoke canto, then kind of made it into mando. then the guy in front of me was telling his daughter and me: you can clearly see the difference between hong kong people and china people. when were were going to board the train, someone behind full shouted OI QUEUE. probs a white person telling mainlanders to queue up, i could see staff trying to stop those chinese. also when we were lining up for the ocena park tower, the mainlanders were so sneaky that they tried to open the staff gates to jump the queue until the staff people saw it and told them off. most people who do that are surprisingly in their 50/60/70s who like to push, shove and jump queue. oh, and they do push you hard, not just a nudge.

so here is one of the many many reasons why i hate going to mainland china and i think china and hong kong are different. yes! didn't have to go mainland china this hk trip even though the rest of my family did.

the abyss/tower which drops thing was i guess the most "scariest" ride but not fun. it's only "scary" for 0.5 seconds on your first go, and just becomes a nice time to look at views the next few goes. "the flash" was the funnest in my opinion since you hang upside down while enjoying the scenic hk mountains and beaches (:

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  1. Lol, proud of you for doing that.
    And, my dad also said stuff about mainlanders being inconsiderate quite often before he left.

    Well, didn't really encounter any inconsiderate mainlanders in China. But maybe it's because we were on tour.

    Haven't been to Ocean Park in a while. But last time I went [which was when I was 12], the rides weren't scary enough to be fun. Haha.