Wednesday, January 2, 2013

iPhone 5 and nano sim

yay! finally i can use my iPhone. it's soooo good (: not going to describe it since apple's website does a pretty good job. it's so much more clearer and no lag =D doing stuff on it is even betterthan what i thought. oh and i admit, whatsapp iss pretty good.

soo many cases to choose from that i ceebs and decided to go with the simplest. i quite like iphone without cases, but i'm scared they will scratch.

$20hk to get your sim cut. i thought they would get their whole knife set, but my dad and i were surprised they used a stapler with a nano-sim template, and bam, you have your nano sim. the sims cost about 200 in hk, but free in aus-except i would have to change to i love sim cutters-helps to solve all my problems (:

so thin (: i want my phone to last until i finish uni.

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  1. sigh elisa you give apple and iphone 5 too much credit... it's not that good


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