Wednesday, January 25, 2012

you know, if mona lisa was pretty, i would have a jersey related name to her, except she's not, since i don't want to be linked to an ugly painting.

so i'm just going to have a gay jersey name. and everyone will laugh because of my uncreativeness and not because it's punny/funny

people actually drove according to speed limit today. probs because torrential rain and double demerit points.

watching tennis while trying to write =/ hewitt talks too much. asdfghjkl. i just want him to shut up sometimes and let us watch the game in peace. they should have a grunt meter for ferrer and djokovic, like how they have a shirek meter for sharapova. i like the long rallies. makes everything so much more intense (:

driving in my mum's car actually feels safer. i like it. it's one of those 5star ancap safety ones. like my car, it would skid in the rain, so inexperienced drivers can't drive my car. and it's faster so overtaking people is easier =D

why must it be australia day tmr? i wanted to go shops, except that little shop i want to go to is probs closed.

federer is soo cool. he drives his own car to his match. like other tennis players get someone else. which means he likes driving and tennis..i think...


  1. Is it too late to suggest Fur Elisa? Do you play piano?

  2. i finished grade 8 back in year 10 and i was sooo happy that i don't have to continue to play, so i'm not really a piano person anymore, and the wierd thing is, i never finished learning fur elise....but thanks for suggestion (:


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