Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pandoraaaaa (((: (finally)

yayayayay!!!! it's purple as well (((: i wanted pink before, but there wasn't any left, but i still love purple. and the leather smell is sooooo nice (((: i remember i was obsessed with them for a while in yr 10, then i kind of got over them in yr 11, but my mum saw it on special and she bought me one! yayay, she also knew about my obsession. might get a charm, just for the sake of having one (:

AND I GOT BREATH TESTED BY POLICE TODAY!!! the news was right, there were heaps of police today. i was thinking, i'm underage, but they probs saw i was a when he checked i was underage (imagine if i forgot my licence, i would be so dead) he checked if i drove an auto vehicle then asked if i wear glasses/contacts. and i was like i wear night contacts and he was like "oh..." 

that was after outing.
thanks icedtrees for hosting (: your parents are soooo nice (: twas nice to play games, like twister which i haven't played in years-literally. 

poor fed, SO MANY UNFORCED ERRORS IT MAKES ME SAD ))))))): he usually has hardly any unforced errors....the cheer i think is louder for federer-yayay.

and my name appeared on tv at 10:45, but that wasn't me saying stuff on Fango =/ it was such a rare thing though since i know no-one with the same name as me.

COME ON FED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he should win more since i have a feeling he will retire soon....
only hewitt can do those lucky shots-the ones which JUST make it over the net.

and Happy Australia Day. parents cbb bbqing. quite sad cause i could hear the sizzling in the backyard from the neighbours...

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