Saturday, January 28, 2012

don't you kind of feel sorry for sharapova? she got a "bagel" women tennis isn't that interesting....but i wanted her to win because she is soo pretty for a tennis player, and her English is sooo good. she was on the brink of tears when talking, i think, but i would be as well.

and murray as well. soooo close yet so far. i don't like how top 2 made it into finals. at least give other people a chance..? men's tennis this yr is soo ordered in ranks...if that makes sense..
i don't know who to go for. nadal beated fed =/, but djokovic is one, and i want to see him come down (: just for the lols. nadal's english is sooo bad, actually his accent, it's soo hard deciphering what he says...

weirdest thing happened to me on the train: "This is the driver here. unfortunately due to this train being too long, the last two cars will not be used." which made people panic, since how would you know which carriage you're on?
so when i got off at my stop, (i was in the 3rd carriage) the last two carriages swarmed off to other ones, so it was soo hard walking the other way to go and exit from the station.

i hate walking the other way of crowds. i remember the night after Megaswim, i walked against the rush of crowds of afl (?) fans....

it's soo sad to admit my holiday list will never be fninshed on time ):

muck up muck up, can we not do muck up, no one's responding, so i'm freaking out on what to do.

you know what i just realised? MY PHYS CLASS HAS NO WRITTEN NOTES!!! only notes are from sheets ))): and if there are written notes, they are only 1-2 mark quality ))):

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