Monday, January 30, 2012

Official Year 12's

ahhhh yr 12. i was kind of excited. i guess last first day of the year =/

worst thing is (refer to fb status) but for those who don't have fb: i really hate my new timetable. THEY TOOK AWAY THE TWO DAYS I COULD LEAVE SCHOOL EARLY!!! now i have one early day ): and free's are filled with english tutorials (?) ))): and its sooo fat it won't fit in my diary properly ): why must it be hot when we go to school???

and maths everyday now. i guess it's good in a way. and i only have like 2 free periods a week now ):
now we're in 5 different rooms for maths, last yr (term) was 4. ))):

pooooooooor nadal. he was sooo close. i was hoping novak couldn't breathe through his nose so he would lose. =D 

everyone i went for died in the end. federer, murray (when murray vs djo), then sharapova, then nadal. how sad. 

i figured that since i can drive to school and back, i'm saving time, so i'm going to continue to do dancing (: but dropped contemporary...

i'm too cheap to buy a costume, and don't have time to make something.....why can't one disney fairy have a white dress?
maybe i should go as a hobo: just find a cardboard box and newspaper. simpleeee.

did nothing this wholeee arvo. but today's my last relaxing day.

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  1. Cinderella has a white dress when she transforms- you could definitely pull it off! Just pin up your hair, borrow a white headband, put on some pearls and borrow some long white gloves (I think Joyeeta possibly has some).