Monday, January 23, 2012

i love spontaneous going out decisions.
had yum cha at carlo today. haven't had it for soooooo was nice (: and there was 20% off, we thought because of cny that it would be a 10% surcharge. which kind of explained why there were sooo many people even though we went late-ish, and it was good since there was still heaps of food (:

had a green tea cake with hearts today (: and it's not even my birthday.

i admire sharapova's body. she's skinny but filled with muscles and pretty and tall, unlike the chinese who looks fat but it's actually muscles. haha, they have a shriek meter for her ahahaha

i actually get more money when i see oversea relatives, than on cny. 
it's because i have sooo many rels, like there still quite a few i haven't seen yet.

ps. i don't think high school relationships work because everything this year is results focused/uni getting into course focused... so much stress from myself to do well. since i don't even know what i want to do in uni, apart from not doing commerce/music/the degree my cousin finished just last year/chiropractor

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