Tuesday, January 3, 2012

nts: don't wear hoop earrings next time while going for a hair cut.
my hair is not as short as beginning of last year, but still short, and spastically curly. oh, and i look 5 years younger, so i can defs past as a child for movie/train tickets etcetc (: i don't like how my fringe grows out in 5 months...and know i don't even know where my fringe is supposed to part :S

bro is pushing it: 4th night sleepover.

i have resorted to chinese medicine. the last time i ever had it was yr 1, when i was old enough to refuse it. now kind of want to have it, since it's for the better. macarons and Pockyrock go veryveryvery well with chinese medicine, since they are both superrrrrr sweet. the the popcorn glaze sticks to your mouth/teeth, so drinking the chinese stuff doesn't taste as bad. had my second needle acupuncture today, it hurt, and yeah, i'm a wimp...

and i played taptap today.  haven't played it in sooooooo long...

early day tmr.

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