Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year! (:

i did nothing today (great start to the year)
except i uploaded photos (:

yesterday was really fun (: the spot where i was last year was closer but i side-ish view. except, the fire works seemed to fall on you, which was cool in a way. i think they moved the fireworks this year..idk...this year was straight on. last yea'r sun set was slightly prettier, but this year's was more extravagant. it had more bridge stuff, i think, well according to my photos. and they had a countdown this year!!! i swear they didn't have one last year...

i guess, with friends you can play more games, and with family you take more photos. this year i don't think i didn't take as many photos....

6 hours passes really quickly with friends. spoons was fun (: twas intense, since i got a carpet burn. if i don't win, i lose, i can never come in between...taking photos was also cool, going into "restricted sections", talking, eating, looking...

some snap shots. i love my camera, even though its a bit under 2 years old (: (which is kind of young, in a way...)
2010 spot

2011 spot

one of my favs. i love stuff coming down from the bridge.

ceebs uploading videos. photos take 5min for me, the files are soo big ): and i cbb finding other photos... first experience usually is heaps better, but this time it is slightly over 2nd experience.

bro is sleeping for a 2nd night at friends. the house is soo much quieter. and my family was on the other side of the harbour yesterday, except i think y spot was better since it is the closest. the only thing is, your're looking back to it, so some stuff are the opposite way around.

time to jks
HSC here i come!

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