Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Diary Shopping

my first actual headache of the year, maybe of all time. i think it was partially due to that fact that my brother threw his sock at my head, or maybe because i was diary deprived and had to remember soooo many events/appointments etcetc in my head and they were too crowded up. i don't really like using phone calendars.

so i left the house to go towers, again. spontaneous decision. i think i live in towers in the hols. well, not really, but i've been going on average 2+ times a week.

went to soo many shops for diaries. i didn't want a boring school one since it's the last ever diary for high school, so i wanted something cute and cheap. went to smiggle in the end. one stamp away from a free gift!!!! it's really kid-ish, except it's water-proofish. and it was half price (: and i must stop buying clothes. i have soooo many pieces of clothing that i bought from agessss ago and still haven't worn...

i like Lovisa. their shopping bags are so nice, and the way they package the jewellery is <3

i have been eating so much junk. what if i don't fit into my formal dress!? you can't make a dress bigger ):

candy canes at coles are 10c a packet. hahahaha. and they don't expire until 7months time. but we have enough chocolate/sweet things at home to last us the year. and our stock rises again during easter.

yay! two pieces of hard cardboard from BOS. there was one year when i didn't get nay cardboard from my piano exam. i saw the postman chuck the package towards the front door which made me a bit ): but luckily the certificate didn't break or anything.

these days, i think penno library is better since it has old books, and school needs old books, which castle hill doesn't ):

when i'm at home, i always look forward to lunch/dinner. it's really bad because i can't concentrate on work. also, productivity levels still die after 5pm ):

it's quite fustrating to teach my mum how to use a new phone. phones are sooo simple these days, that's why THEY DON'T come with a manual anymore. so when we tell my mum how to use it, my bro and i kind of go asdgfhjkl.

oh, one more thing, i love getting rare coins (:

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