Sunday, January 22, 2012

Commissioning Service

awwwww.....its so sad to see her go. next week is her last week.

we did a little last minute item from a song in Joseph and the Technicolour Coat Musical we did 8 years ago....EVERYONE WAS SOOOOO CUTE AND LITTLE BACK THEN. have to watch the dvd properly again when i have time. i can't believe we bothered to do it...actually we were kinda forced brother was soooo cute. he was Benjamin, the one whole stole the gold cup...haha....

so we did half a song, and changed the lyrics to make it more meaningful (: our leader did another song to Count On Me and IT WAS SOOOOOOOOOO GOOD. LIKE EVERYTHING MADE SENSE AND MEANINGFUL AND DEDICATED TO HER.

i have seen her grow, and she has seen me grow. and she brought back drawings we did like 8 years ago....we tried to figured out what we drew but failed...

and cny dinner makes me sooo fat.

i have done nothing the whole day. haven't finished notes ): and no stories. ):
i need to be strict with myself. self control.

ofc fed would win!!! it would be more exciting if it was a four setter. they didn't even play for 2 hours. fed has it easy this year (:
i hate watching djokovic. and nadal.

yay tennis! when i have moeny/time, i shall go and watch the aus open. but fed might have retired by then ):

and possibly found ppl to do medentry with. thank you God! (:

ooft. i am $1 and one minute and 24mb about to go over my cap. I HAVE NEVER IN MY 19CAP LIFE HAVE I BEEN SO CLOSE TO BEING OVER. which means no texting/phone calls for a few more days... well, it does make sense to increase calling rates since i'm getting quite a lot of free stuff...i'm like my bro now, can only receive calls, except he doesn't even charge/turn on his phone, so its super duper pointless for him to have a phone...

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  1. That is so good, so happy to hear you don't have to do medentry alone!