Saturday, January 14, 2012

food was soooo nice (and fatty) at training today. wasn't much of "training" except listened, much of what was the same last year, except this year is "Pandamania" not "High Seas"

went swimming again (: needed it after KFC, cheesecake, wedges, mango chicken salad, potato salad etcetc....

there were only 2 or 3 people in the pool! it was soooo cool! a wholeeeeeeeee pool for myself and 2 others. there were more staff than people swimming. feels like i'm getting more out of my money.

the only thing i don't like about swimming is washing. but i guess i'm used to it. i've been "trained" to wash my own swimming stuff since...yr 5 (?) thing is, only when i went to a Speedo shop in hk agessss ago, the people told us to only rinse with cold water and don't use soap. my mum told me the wrong thing to do for about 3/4years.

and i lost my branded google case bag for the third time!!!!! it's sooooo sad )))))))): i find it then my mum chucks it and this has happened three times! i put it with my stuff yet she seems to accidentally chuck it/misplace it. twas my only one.....

next week= 7.30am wake up even worse than school. and 4pm finishes D=

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