Sunday, January 29, 2012

school tomorrow! mixed emotions =/

tennis is going to be a looong night. actually only the first set is long, and the 3rd set, and 4th set is the opinion...the stadium isn't even filled tonight, maybe people are sick of djokovic and nadal or maybe cause of school.

also, all the men's tennis players girlfriends are sooooo pretty/ are like models!!! we were talking about this as family, and concluded that the prettiest of them chase after the players, since the players have monies.

i think i want nadal to win, since he's 2nd. i also want to see djo's angry face. he has a bad temper (not as bad as bhagdatis) but after nadal got the first break he threw his racket. i don't like those players. like fed controls his temper, and only cries when he loses but doesn't chuck tantrums (:

i had a free lava cake from dominos today (((: it's too sweet and fatty, but it's free!!!

my holiday list was never completed. major sad face.

dogs are leaving tomorrow!

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