Thursday, January 12, 2012

Nice People make you (:

my swimming card expired two months ago, and it was only half used. so i went again today, and the girl was like "oh, it expired 2 months ago, but i can add 3 more months onto it" and i'm like yes!!!! because i paid child prices at that time, so i'm kind of making 30c profit...if that makes sense. and i only planned to swim 5 more times and then its full on HSC, ok maybe not that hardcore....

swimming does make you better. that's why i started swimming when i was 3 and never used never ever to be sick. that was when i reached yr9/10 when i became sick more often than normal,  but did you know, i have never taken a day off just because i was sick. only, i think one day in primary. the other days in high school was because of piano/theory exams.

soo, no more headache! when i was sick, i went swimming and i got better. like no joke. that has been true up to today. i still do love butterfly. it's soo refreshing (: but i'm so slow, at everything now. things that would have taken me 45min, now take me 65 mins. and then my mum came back with KFC which made going to swimming pointless.

cheaper by the dozen is one of those movies you can watch over and over again, unlike Green Lantern, ok i should stop dissing it, it wasn't that bad, wait actually it was.....

anyways, there hasn't been a day where i fully worked my ass off.  tis sad, tis sad ):

and the librarian lied. i asked her 2 times yday and she said the book would come in today by lunchtime. my mum went to check, and it comes in tomorrow. luckily mum as around that place so didn't waste extra fuel...

temple un and angry birds are so hard it makes me asdghfjkl

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