Thursday, January 19, 2012

God loves you, no matter what! -Day 4

they had spares...i remember when i did this in yr 7 or 8 art, i came first! one of my favourtie at things, it was really nice to do it again today (:

morning tea: cross of life (: (breadsticks, white choc, icing + sprinkles)

and massive water fight today! fully soaked. from head to toe. as in everyone. including leaders. huge waste of water but it was fun (: got knocked in the nose with a bucket =/ but luckily it didn't bleed...

and missed out on FREE BEN AND JERRY ICECREAM AT CWOOD! my bro went, except today ended after 5pm, so i didn't want to trek out the whole way there for free food and pay for a ticket...and then i came home to watch tennis.  goodbye school notes which i planned to start this week ):

last day tomorrow =/

"God is watching, watching over you, 24/7 watching over you..." i like that song (:

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