Wednesday, January 4, 2012

UNSW Info Day

freeeee food (: had like 2 sausages, 2 juices, 1 fairy floss and a couple of pens.

the talks were ok, got to know more about their stuff. it didn't seem as lively as usyd open day. maybe cause open days are supposed to be livelier than info days.....mac at a free brekkie, should have gone in the morning since i past it....usyd didn't have free food last time i went ):

last time i went to unsw, the front building was just ground, now it looks like usyd's law building, and it's solar powered (: you can see inside is completely new (since they haven't fnished) since the chairs (which are similar to usyd law) still have their plastic coverings on them. unsw is more modern than usyd, well most of the lecturer rooms were....

and then uts! just made it in time for the campus tour. small campus with like 5 buildings, and no grass. but it's soooo modern inside. like their chairs were unique, had very cool lights, their ceiling looked cool, their new buildings were trendy looking, and they used Macs!!!!  haven't seen the other uni's use macs, only pc's....

first time going inside uts (: their science labs are white. even their taps are white. usyd isn't even that white. and uts has cooler stuff, like robots for nursing, and one of 2 in the world telescopes that look at cells in a different way =/

bro came home first time this year, just then...

soooo much walking today. it's. so. hot. but. must. do. work.

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