Sunday, January 8, 2012

Roadtrip to the Bay of Nelson

i'm back!!!! first ever trip with NO ADULT SUPERVISION!!! it's really nice since there's no stress, and we just full chilled.

i've been to Port Stephens at least 2 times before, and walking around town brought back soo many old memories :') like the chinese restaurant which had a sign that said "Do not touch, ask staff" which i have on my desk, and fireworks near the wharf almost ten years ago. that was when we were kids, and we went camping with like 4 other families.

the house we stayed in was alright. if the parents saw what we did, they would have fulled freaked. it's kind of hard to be super hygienic in places like these...

there was a circus in town, and we all really wanted to go, except didn't have time....we actually did nothing except beach, walk around, cafe, and play MONOPOLY DEAL! IT IS SOOO FUN!! played it beginning of last year, and now beginning of this year. i feel really tanned. watched a lotttttttttt of movies. spent half our time. watched horror. and i finally watched the Jap version of The Ring. it's not even scary, plus watched parodies of it, which made it even less scary. I FINALLY GET WHY IT'S CALLED THE RING. BECAUSE OF THE TELEPHONE CALL RING, NOT BECAUSE OF THE WELL WHICH IS SHAPED LIKE A RING. yeah, i'm's sooo funny watching the boys freak out. i like the movies they hired (: they were mentally mind-blowing/confusing, but good. i was too tired to watch the grudge ): i really wanted to..

had to chuck out 10 eggs, as well as sooo much food it makes me sad. we shouldn't have bought so much...

and i haven't done any work. brought stuff to do, but didn't do it. i feel sosososososososososososososossosososososososo etctec guilty. like i want to cry.

the weather was good today and yday. oh, i sat in the middle of a road yesterday night and talked. it was really nice, since the ground was warm.  i'm such a rebel ;)

did soo much washing up there, more than i do at home :S

had an iced coffee this morning, yet i feel so light-headed. my sleeping pattern is sooo screwed. yes, sleeping at weird times during hols, with no adults to tell you what to do (: but some people are sooo lazy. they don't even cook or clean, and just play.

the guys brought like 10 nerf guns, and they were al modified, so it actually hurt to be hit by them, and within 1 min when we entered the house, nerf darts were everywhere.

this blog is now one year and one day old (: i actually have something to say everyday, except some days i'm just soooo busy. like yesterday, i was watching The Butterfly Effect, it went past midnight, and i just kind of didn't have time to blog since i was sooo exhausted. it's such a screwed up movie. in every way you think: mentally and physically screwed up, everyone in that movie is. except, i think i think, if that was an ext 2 story, it would probs be 40/40, since the storyline is good (: and you have to think about what happened.

half my stuff is sand covered. i hate unpacking, but love packing. didn't spend much. except, they haven't calculated total fuel and food costs...

and i'm going out tomorrow. i want to and don't want to. i haven't done any work these holidays. and it's year 12...

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