Monday, January 16, 2012

Pandamania-Day 1

I have good kids this year!!!!!!!!!!!! yayay, makes things more easier and less tiring.

a whole day is worse than a school day. from 8am to 4.30pm. such long hours, worse than going to work, if i had a job. they had a panda launcher thing! basically it was a massive leaves blower, but can shoot out pandas, it's hard to explain...

this year, the songs aren't as cool, and i think they spent wayyyyy too  much money on props, which explains they still need $3000+

the food is mostly the same. but after morning tea, all the food in the leaders retreat was gone :((( apparently all the yr7 to be ate it ): even the rubbish disappeared.

and i think there's less people this year. and i decided i won't go tmr to actually do some work, except i'll be missing out on science experiments! like they doing red cabbage indicator and polymer stuff (hahaaha, they're preparing primary kids for yr12 chem...)

so tired. so much history/research involved in creative pieces. ext 1 is hard ): but i like it, but it's still hard. technically, i can still come first in the state (or state rank) in ext 1 eng cause there haven't been any assessments, and i can put all my effort into it in the remaining week last week. but, of course i won't come first (well its like 1 in 10000 people) so very highly unlikely. it's really hard to incorporate all the facts you need while making it creative and sticking to context. if i go creative, i go off in a tangent and what is creative is not what they're looking for....

i have the theme song stuck in my head.....he's wild, he's wild, God is wild about us (:

medentry anyone?

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