Monday, January 9, 2012

Sherlock Holmes Two!!!!!!!

it lived up to its expectations ((((: although, the first one was a tinsy tiny bit better.
watched it with the fam in Vmax, because i'm a rich kid. lol jks. it's because these movies are sooo worth their money in vmax. like the bomb at the start of the movie made me jump, because it was sososososo loud.

i have watched 4 movies in three weeks. and then i have watched so many other movies on dvd.

this time it wasn't confusing, maybe cos i was dumber back in 09 when i watched it in hk. i really liked the ending (: unlike the Ring which had a super gay ending.

and my mum finally got a new phone. first HTC of our house. it's rea;;y light. i don't like htc, even though they're really customisable, i really prefer iPhones. who cares about customising, it's the apps that matter! oh, and my iPhone is sooo scatched it makes me sad, i guess it was expected on a windyish beach day. luckily it's kind of old. and my camera case/sunnies case is filled with sand and its sooooo hard to clean out. i really need a mini mini vacuum cleaner...

i really need to do some hardcore work.

and yesterday when i came home, i was surprised. the front part of our house changed from plants, to bark, to dirt, to sand, to bricks, to dirt, to reinforcing wire, to concrete with a pattern which looks like bricks, in a time period of 10 years. concrete trucks are really expensive. so sad i wasn't there on sat to take photos of what happened ):

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