Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pandamania-Day 3

yay! i finally watched kung fu panda 2!!! it has more storyline
there's a guy in my crew, yr1 to be, he brought a camping chair to sit on while watching, how cute! and he laughs uncontrollably which is quite funny.

i really hate speeding, but sometimes you just have to...

and i haven't gotten anything done today ): because i watched Tomic win-yeah!!! i think i'm starting to like him.

even people in comprehensive high schools can get into relatively good uni courses.

aand today, i almost lost friend's dog cos the dog somehow wriggled his head out of the collar and stepped out of his harness. i had to almost sit on him to prevent it from running away....into the forest =/ yeah, their dogs like to run, except i can't run...awks...

what to do in uni? i have just been thinking for 1.5 hours, when i should be typing away for English related things....

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