Tuesday, January 24, 2012

i want to see nadal lose too see his reaction! not really a nadal fan, except berdych has bad sportsmanship...
how nice, they got an umpire who speaks spanish, probs because his english sucks. but i admire his forehands.
just checked ticket prices. they are unbelievably expensive.

looking at hk cny photos of food and family makes me sad. i had a mini-dilemma today. what if i'm still overseas and then how/who is going to enrol for me? like usyd, you actually have to go to the campus D= but unsw is online....i think....

i should stop worrying about that and make sure i actually pass the HSC first.

this is sooo epic! for those who can read chinese...
bronze pocket (((:

soo much to do, i have been soo unproductive

tennis is soo good this year! apart from Stosur.. but i'm not a big fan of her...so i don't really care.
yayay fed!!! his backhand and slices are sooooo cool-even my mum agrees! (:

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