Friday, March 28, 2014

Stock Market

probably the most unproductive night so far. stuff due next week which i have yet to start. i will be productive on the weekend! there, i said it, so i shall be more obliged to do it (if that makes sense, haha). i already had an unproductive arvo since i went window shopping (for a purpose), and then the bus started to break down once it got to where i live since it has heaps of hills, and it would go up the hill slower than walking glad there was a bus behind, so we just got onto that. 

rainy day earlier this week on a double decker

stock market medium salad: mixed leaf with egg, pumpkin, capsicum, cucumber, celery, tomato, avocado and honey mustard dressing+piece of bread-$8.40

first time having stock market, even though it's "the" salad bar of the whole campus and best place to have lunch. tbh, i think it's a bit over rated. i bought a medium and it was pretty heavy, and filling (well i actually had a free sausage before, but it was gourmet at $18/kg compared with cheap <$5/kg woolies sausages). i thought the person gave me enough sauce, but not really, whilst Better's was drenched. i guess salad is healthy, until it comes to the dressing....first time having a hard boiled egg in a long time. got avocado for 50c extra, but it wasn't fully ripe yet =/ would've preferred it to be more soft. salad is filling, but i guess you can have it at home...wished there was croutons's actually quite stressful picking out ingredients quickly since there is heaps to choose from. so nice seeing Better at uni (: usually i study in my breaks, but i knew today wasn't going to be productive...

zumbo's eastern collection is amazing. i think i'll go "broke" buying every single easter collection.

there's now an update for iOS 7.1. nts: future car should be a model which incorporates CarPlay

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