Sunday, March 16, 2014

first time working by myself today and out of all the days the computers don't work, it's the day where no one is there to help. luckily the it guy picked up, but then the manager still came in the check up on me. even though Sunday's are double pay, it's really boring. brought some stuff to read, but i would rather work on saturday since you get more experience in actually dispensing/repairs. still can't do so many repairs... =/

so many people getting engaged! another couple got engaged yesterday, so right now at church, there's at least 3 couples that i know of. i'm not super close to those couples, so i don't have to splurge on a dress for the ceremony and reception. some people are close to all three, so they would have to spend money on at least 6 dresses...then there are other couples who people are hinting they should get engaged-peer pressure, haha.

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