Friday, March 7, 2014

Single Origin Roasters

i've wanted to come here for over a year now because of their coffee-it's so exotic! their drinks as well, like spiders (carbonated coffee with vanilla gelato), wonder what that will taste like, and coffees which change flavour weekly. this place is a bit pricey compared to others. it has minimal seating indoors, and not many seats outside either. we were lucky to have a table of 5. a door down they have a store just for takeaway coffee. we were there for about an hour, and the coffee line didn't shorten. so happy seeing people before uni, since there wasn't a lecture on this morning (: 

single origin roasters latte-$4

i actually ordered the reservoir blend for that week "La Cima" which had citrus, butter pastry, berry jam and other stuff in a latte, but the guy came and said it was the single origin roasters one. i guess i didn't mind since i wanted to try their "original" latte, and i was running short of time and ceebs to ask. their coffee is definitely more mild than other places, so if you don't like strong stuff, single origin coffee will suit you. i think i like my coffee stronger now, but the consistency of this cup was good. however, it's a pretty small cup for $4 (and it's hard to take a good photo of outdoors...) and a tiny bit of grounded coffee at the bottom...maybe if i have some spare time in the morning i'll grab some coffee from the reservoir list. it's really close to central (so close that Dandelion and I kinda walked past the street lol)

kedgeree of quinoa, smoked ocean trout, egg, chermoula cauliflower, dukkah and goats cheese-$16.50

not your typical breakfast food. didn't know what a kedgeree was (until i googled it after i ate it), but i'm one of those adventurous types, and would try whatever sounds interesting (as long as it doesn't have heaps of chilli). all those ingredients i don't mind eating. even if i order something, and there's some parts i don't like, i still eat it since it's still paid for. whenever i go out to these days, there's so many things i'm not supposed to have (like coffee), but i just make i can have goats milk but not cheese, but since cheese is made from milk, does that mean i can have goats cheese...? side note, people say goats milk have that distinctive taste, but i can't really taste that "taste," so i don't mind drinking goats milk/having goats cheese. this quinoa was really delicious! definitely seasoned well not with salt, but with herbs and all those fancy things like chermoula and dukkah (:

uni is already tiring after the first week, and i only had about half of my classes. the best news today i received was that i don't have five 9am starts-i only have four! good enough. there's a group with one 8am start. really hope traffic conditions improve/ i swear i always get caught up in thunderstorms. this arvo on the m2, you could see out west hose big lighting flashes out west. last time i was caught up in storms in the east, this time west. luckily i only live north west, so it in the middle of the thunderstorm. it was raining heavily when i got out the bus, but started pouring once i got home. if i was to say i was scared of something, being struck by lighting is probably one of them.

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