Thursday, March 27, 2014

decided to take a "break" from study today by going shopping. actually, i was late to my lecture because i was trying on clothes, and my lab today ended early, so i decided to try on more clothes. wow, in the span of 3 hours, all the good sizes were already gone. (i learnt from previous sales that if there is something your size there, buy it straightaway...) the jeans i tried on earlier in the morning disappeared, then i looked through other places and it appeared again. they're not my size, but at least they're comfy. there was this super nice dress, which kind of made you look like you had wings when you lifted your arms up! it was half price at $50 and i really wanted it, but then i thought again, do i really need it? not really since i have quite a few dresses i bought last year that i have yet to i guess that 50 can go towards the end of the year.and there was this really nice blue blouse/top, 50% off but was still $120, which is pretty crazy-it was made in britain, so that probably explains the inflated price. oh, the jeans i got were made in egypt, which is a first for me =/ first time buying something from top shop which was decently priced, and my first time shopping not studying...

also, i like how jumbo qvb kiosk still has the same prices as the other stores, but i think the other stores will definitely be more fresh, since his jumbo vans transport it to the store there.

quiz yday was a joke. like she gave us hints on the easy questions, then everyone shared answers, but i still wrote the wrong thing! argh, so annoyed. hopefully the quizzes to become online, since in class quizzes were kinda pointless. but i'm still screwed and can't memorise all the holes/walls/bones/veins/nerves/arteries and so much random stuff of the eye. i guess i understand why people say in 3rd year diseases are the hardest. how to med kids even remember all this stuff? like for us, we still have to know the general body, but the eye they also have to learn all parts of the body thoroughly...?

i feel like this week i've been chucking away marks =/

do you know what else sucks? i had this plan of having $1 hotdogs this tues since i ended at 5 and the soda factory hot dogs start at 5, but then quiz the next day so i didn't go, which means i have to wait over a month, since the next time i end at 5, it's mid sems. ben and jerry's free cone day is on the day where i have an exam. i have a 2 hour break that day so i guess i could possibly get some ice cream, but then the next day i have another mid sem, so i should be studying. i feel so conflicted whether i should get free ice cream/relax or study. did you know i haven't gotten a free bbq this year? the only thing i spent time getting free food was from vsa, then i walked past free fanta slushies from subway which was a plus (:

so manu from mar opened a new restaurant in south yarra last night, and they had a cook off event, with george from masterchef and his greek food vs manu and his french food team-that's so cute! it's more like channel 7 vs 10 imo. can't wait for MC to come back! also, it seems like everyone (well a few people) are friends with uel and shannelle. saw them yday morning on the bus, i guess they finished their sunrise interview.

i really hate walking through the rain at uni.

i really need a new backpack asap.

i really do miss my holidays.

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