Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Scattered Thunderstorms

it was supposed to be sunny today! i even said it was good weather for a boost! today for vibe members, if you sang out your order, you could get a free boost. the uni people are really lenient, they don't even check if you are a member, and i can't sing so i just said my order and their ingredients in a really weird way lol. so many fruits i'm not supposed to have which are on all the drinks of boost, so today was another "cheat" day. i decided to go "lean & green" and try the Carribean Green (mango, passionfruit, banana, spinach, mango nectar, coconut milk, coconut water & ice)which i haven't had before. they said if you don't like it after 2 sips, you can exchange it. tbh, i didn't really like this one, but ceebs exchanging since it was free. it kinda tasted salty from the spinach, and wasn't sweet at all even though it had mango nectar...

but unfortunately the boost did not make up my day. i was caught up in this:

unlucky unsw is in the eastern suburbs where there were flash floods and sever thunderstorms. had a lecture at 5 and had to make to to lower campus without an umbrella. it was poring, and even walking undercover, you still get wet since the wind was blowing crazily. bumped into people who had umbrellas, but it still wasn't very useful. main walkway has really bad drainage, and you can't really walk around the main walkway, so just had to walk through the ankle deep water. first time having my shoes and socks soaked ))): they need some sort of bridge/shelter from the left side to right side of campus. like from the science theatre area to connect to the red centre area...

what was worse was that buses from uni didn't come for almost 30min. even buses to town hall. i read later on the news there was a car crash and flash flooding etc, so 3 buses to central all came at the same time at 6.30. basically took 2 hours to get home, then fully changed and rushed back to church. new leaders this time. apparently they went on a lot of socials involving food. i would love to join...but i promised myself to save money...oh, sold my textbook today! people actually do go on those websites...sold it for about $17 less than what i bought from the bookshop, which i guess is alright. 

ahh, my feet hurt for walking 3 hours today putting up posters, and then wearing soaked socks and shoes for another 3 hours ):

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