Monday, March 10, 2014

i really want to see Benedict Cumberbatch in person-Sherlock <3  and he's coming to unsw which makes it extra cool? why our uni and not other places in Sydney?

apparently vip tickets, at $350 for sat/sunday sold out in 20mins. and then there's an additional meet and greet option only available to vip saturday ticket all up it's about 400/500. normal tickets are $150, and the earlier you buy it, the closer you probably are to the stage. i do have 150, but i'm not willing to fork out 150 to see him irl, like i can buy branded handbags (on sale) with that money. i guess i'll just see photos. and he's also there smack bam in the middle of four of my mid i guess i'm disappointed, but not drastically, since $150 you only get to seem him, no autograph/photo.

i have a course whose lectures don't start unit this week, and labs in a few weeks time. i'd rather start labs now, and finish labs earlier...

passionflower thai milk tea.

voucher from o-week-free ice cream (: last year i got about 3 vouchers but didn't have time to use it, this year i got one and made sure i used it. i think the guy was pretty generous with the scoop. this tasted exactly like thai milk tea with just the right amount of sweetness, yum. i wasn't going to take a photo of it, but it's the first time i've seen thai milk tea ice cream, so why not? (i'm actually going to run out of space on my phone zoo if i keep taking photos of every single thing i eat outside my house =/)

i feel like half our dance routine atm is rolling around-every single roll there is. i'm only marking it and i still get bruised, if i was to go full out, i don't think i'd even have knees tomorrow morning...

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