Sunday, March 2, 2014

Plans, plans, plans

3 months of holidays just flew by, felt more like 1 month. as i knew right from the beginning, i wasn't bored at all. still bits and pieces of things to do, but those things can wait.

this year i have something to try to motivate me to not fail. AMERICA, HERE I COME!

much excite. any tips on how to not work for a few weeks yet still keep your job? time to really save money! i probably will underestimate the budget, need to re-do it next break...i think i can go through uni this semester without eating out once if i had to, but i can foresee at least 2 days where i have to buy at least some food...

didn't manage to get a chance to finalise accommodation this break, and still a lot of stuff to book in July as there are certain things you can't book a whole year ahead. my July to-do list is pretty full already: manage credit cards, book attractions, finish itinerary etc, as well as shout my mum high tea since these holidays there wasn't any time on the weekend, and when i had time, the day before i already went out, so it was pointless having good food a few times in a row.

i looked at the supp exams offered last sem for 2nd year, and it was 23/60 people. hope i don't get any supps, or else i'm screwed. a girl who's repeating this year was like "make sure you don't book holidays during supps" also, 8 people are repeating 2nd year 1st semester, whilst an additional 10 people will be repeating 2nd year 2nd sem, and they had a cohort of around 70 last year. not sure how i will survive with 27ish hours. there's a course this year which is 3 subjects in 1. so if you fail a little single thing in one of the subject within the subject, even if you ace the other 2 parts of the subject and you weighted mark is well above a pass mark and you get distinction, you still fail, since you haven't passed a little component in a part for the subject.

the course outline was 26 full pages of tiny print. only glanced through it, but it took forever to read. 10ish  hours for that one course, and they state its imperative to do extra work, at least 4-6 hours for that course. we still have 3 other subjects this semester...

the scary thing is waking up on time. this year i actually have to make all my 9am starts on time, especially with pracs, once you're late, you're marked absent, and unlike other science labs etc, there are no make up classes. and each class is worth 2% of one of the parts within the subject, and it's part of the course to go to all the labs. basically if you don't turn up on time, you fail D=

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