Saturday, March 15, 2014

Clive Christian-The Most Expensive Perfume

so after my uncle and co (other relatives) left Iceland, they went to London, and did most of the touristy stuff, and they spent big.

i did not even know this existed until he whatsapped the photos.

the world's most expensive perfume (click to see why, and then you'll understand). 1 out of 10 in the whole world. i can't even find the price on google...

can you even buy this in Aus?

i really do want to smell this brand of perfume, i wonder what it smells like. someone said it smells like royalty, but what does royalty even smell like...?  only a limited number of bottles is made. the "cheapest" perfumes cost around $300au, and they're only 50ml or less. the more expensive ones are at least a few thousand. but not surprisingly, my uncle and his friend bought a bottle home to HK. 

Australia is slowly becoming more connected in terms of fashion....but i can't even buy a Herschel back pack without prices being crazily inflated compared to the US ): after i go to America, i would love to do an england + western europe trip, then other parts of europe, then other parts of America...but after i have a proper income...just can't help but wish i could travel to a few different countries every month like my uncle...i feel like his home in HK is his hotel. he doesn't even have a home phone...

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