Friday, March 14, 2014

Evacuation Week

another evacuation today, but this time i was on the 10th floor of the library and had to walk all the way down. they blocked off the library, but i didn't see any fire trucks this time...but the library was so noisy with those sirens, and loudspeakers of people telling us not to use the lifts and saying it's real and not a drill. i've never had a fire evacuation last year, and now this week alone i've had 2. i heard there was another one this week during a friend's optom lab. does construction really emit a lot of smoke? then there was the massive evacuation at Barangaroo, and all those office people leaving their buildings, at least i don't have to walk down 30+ floors...

i had a voucher for helping out the other day for Blue Stone cafe (near CLB for those unsw peeps). worst service ever. they don't say wait to be seated, so some people pay for their meals before and then sit, while other people wait for the waiters to come to their table to order. then there is a take away section, but people can also sit at the tables to wait. so many mixed up orders. i was given 2 other plates which weren't mine. then i had to wait half an hour for a burger since they mixed up my order. maybe because i paid after i ordered and i used a voucher...but i saw another person who raged at the staff since her meal also took forever to come since and she also had a voucher, so i think it's the later. luckily i had a three hour break....

chai latte-$3.50

quite milky (i'm not supposed to have milk....) but it was alright. there was cinnamon, but other spices  weren't very prominent/spicy enough for my liking. i was craving a chai latte this morning, so i decided to get it.

grilled beef burger w/salad-$12.90

so not worth the wait. pretty average. i can make a better one at home myself. you can buy turkish bread anywhere, and just fill it with whatever you desire. it was a decent serving of salad, but still pretty ordinary. shall delete these photos from my phone since it's really not worth the space. please don't come here to eat, only came here since the voucher only allowed me to come here lol.

sunrise this morning. they've been opening the side windows more than normal these past few days.

and apparently the central line today almost reached capital, lol.

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