Tuesday, March 4, 2014

i think i will love every 2nd tuesday. ending at 12 since physiology 3 hour labs are every 2nd week (: but on the alternate weeks...two 3 hour labs ):

the lecturer said you'd have to rote learn anatomy. i think it's true as well, but i've always wanted to learn every single bone in the body, and all those muscles, nerves etc of the whole body for "general knowledge". it seems interesting. finally had the chance to look at dead bodies today! you really have to admire the donors who are so willing to give up their bodies for us to look at...but i was quite excited (: should totally start revising now. so many parts to remember even in the first week.

i hate the med building. it's even further up than biomed. what's worse is that they're doing construction, so you can't access the building from inside the uni, you have to walk outside the uni grounds to the back entrance. that being said, the med building is quite nice inside. first time going in it-apparently undergrads for both med and non-med can only go into the ground and 1st floor. other levels is for post grad and staff or something, and there's about 5 other levels...the building isn't small either, but i do hope they finish the construction quickly since i don't want to walk around the whole building to go inside it. i'm sure there are other ways to get inside the building through adjacent buildings, but i don't want to risk being late to a lab....

bought new sunnies today-my first pair of brown shades. before the end of my degree, i intend to get every single "luxury" brand of sunnies they have available (if they fit my small face), since it's technically free (: the one i got today is branded (actually, everything there is branded...), it wasn't one of those "higher" ones but it was cheap and meant this year i could get 2 pairs without paying (: and i needed them since they're not polarised, which is good for going on the bus and looking at your phone.

i knew it! the person who had my name didn't know me and vice versa. luckily someone tagged me in the photo...but then they just released the list online tonight...field trip to bondi junction! which i can actually get there faster in the morning compared to uni. hopefully we don't have to spend too long there since there's this place i want to eat near there. then again, if there isn't enough time to eat, well i guess i'm saving money, so it's a win-win situation.

i really hope people start to not turn up to their 9am lectures. traffic is horrible. it takes almost 45 min from martin place to uni. it's supposed to take less than 20min in good traffic, and 25min during school zones. and the buses were crowded as well even though the route doesn't go through central. i need to get to my labs on time, so i hope those eager first years will learn to skip their 9am lectures (oh wow, i kinda sound evil lol)

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