Thursday, March 6, 2014

field trip today to bondi junction. haven't been there in so long, but i love bondi westfield! it actually has 2 hours free parking, but there's heaps of buses/trains to there. they have everything there! heaps more than pitt st mall. no wonder why people also go there for boxing day sales since they have other international brands there...maybe next year boxing day sales i'll have a look. basically stood there and talked to the dispenser today for about an hour, and then walked around the shops. the food court there is so nice! outdoor views from above, and decor stuff i think Dandelion would like. they also have these super comfy tall back chairs, so we just chilled until it was time to go back to uni.

which photo to delete on my phone? (i have heaps of these first world problems, since i want to conserve space, but each photo has its pros and cons. like the first one has no traffic, while the second one includes centre point tower, but has traffic and you can see the glass...)

$80 for a torch, marker and plastic. came with out lab book as well, but even if this is the stuff optoms use, why does plastic cost so much? need to buy another instrument later this sem, which cost my than my ticket to america and hk...

it just hit me that i really need to save if i am going to spend big. i just hope that all the stuff i want will be on sale. ahh, so excited for shopping. luxury bags aren't cheap, even if they do have 50% off...which is why today the place i wanted to eat i went but walked out. too expensive, like $10 for a slice of cheesecake. it's raw, vegan, super healthy, and i can make it (just not as pretty) since i have berries, nuts, dates, coconut oil etc, but i'm not supposed to be eating nuts and a whole lot of fruits atm, so that place can be put on my other to-go list for later. 

this is the capital of Iceland, how cute-flurries!

my a few of my uncles and aunts went to Iceland to see the northern lights. tbh, i think this is an "old person"/retired style holiday, but they're all not that old yet going to Iceland. they didn't manage to capture photos since it's one of those things a lens can't capture. he borrowed my other uncle's pro camera which has those settings to capture low illumination stuff, but i'm pretty sure he didn't know how to use it, so no photos from them ): but there are photos of purple and unnatural blue hues, and vast massive white snow landscape with nothing but mountains and snow. road was covered in some snow as well, wonder what it would feel like driving long distances in the snow...they house they're staying in is like those american movies! step outside and there's snow! but a light and gentle type, not the buried deep inside type...and they have heated tile floors! i think i experienced that in Japan, but have yet to come across heated tiles floors again...australia's winter isn't really cold, especially last year's one.

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