Monday, March 31, 2014

Heston is coming!

traffic was so great today (not being sarcastic). it's those little things which makes you happy.

caught my normal bus, and managed to stay awake and try to read notes on the bus. only got 6.5 hours of sleep, but i wasn't too tired. i had to buy a my multi, and i saw the bus go pass me as i walked to the newsagents, but after i bought the ticket, it was still waiting for me. got to the city at 7.45, and made it to uni at around 8.30 (had to wait a bit for a bus, then i changed buses at lower campus to get a bus to upper campus since the bus i caught doesn't stop up there). then back home, prac ended early, and got home in less then 1.5 hours. and no dance tonight, so extra time to catch up on stuff (or actually catch up on time procrastinated over the weekend).

to other news, Heston Blumenthal is coming to Australia next year! well it's going to be in Melb, but close enough. when i first heard about him, he was on my list of places to eat overseas (yes, i do have a list for that, except i expect to fulfil them when i grow old/actually have money to spend). but now he's coming to melb which means i don't have to fly to England! i would love to visit Britain sometime, but that's not on my top few places to go...i just hope he doesn't revamp the menu up too much, and the bacon and egg ice cream will still be there. he'll change the restaurant name after 6 months and have new teams on his new restaurant after the 6 months. every time i see it on tv, i drool. so glad i'm not going melb with church friends in mid year break, since i'll most likely go next year just for his food (that is if i still have money after the end of this year). i have severely underestimated my budget. if i was to go and spend full out, wow, it's almost my yearly salary gone...but i do want to spend full out (i.e. increase my budget, lol), just some things/brands are better left to have when i actually start full time work. it's like the same thing with food, if you buy all the top handbags and stuff in one go, then when you actually have money to spare/spend in the future, what more "luxurious" stuff can you buy when you have most of them?

possibly another melb trip even though i was just there last year...and dinner at The Fat Duck will definitely throw a spanner into my savings. at least in hk i'll get money to spend from relatives...but Heston is worth it (:

i know i've said i won't go eat super expensive food until i get a proper salary, but that was more directed towards restaurants in Sydney, hehe. it's not everyday an international star comes to a remote country like Aus!

sorry in advance if i say no to outings, i'll probably be holed up at home/uni during 2015, after all those trips...

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