Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Early Morning Photos-Take 2

first time waking up at 6.30am, even though i slept past 12am...so i managed i wake up with less than 6.5hours of sleep! tbh, i'm secretly proud of this achievement. managed to get a bit of sleep on the bus to get my 7 hours of sleep lol.

traffic was really good, so arrived in the city well before 8am, and buses were running late-ish, so i decided to just stand in front of the sunrise tv, and then i saw the crowd and thought who was kneeling on the ground signing someone's shirt..? turns out it was Taylor Henderson. i was probably on the bus when he sang so missed it...i actually didn't have any paper on me. the only paper was my anatomy lab book, and i scrap piece of paper completely filled with notes. i hate it when people draw/write in my book, and i never doodle in my books, so an autograph of someone on my anatomy lab book (which i just checked has not empty spaces except for the front and back purple cardboard covers-the book is legit filled with words of the body...), so i skipped the autograph and just got a pic. he's really friendly and good with talking to people (which i guess all stars should be good at lol). you know, two weeks ago, the only day where i didn't have to go uni early, Katy Perry was on sunrise. could've seen her irl...she only came out of the studio for a few seconds/didn't take pics or anything, but she's an international star, so that's understandable lol.

(photo for blogging purposes)

first time seeing a dead face in anat today. it was sliced vertically in half, and skinned (obviously), so it was literally just half a face lying on the table. there were actually 3 halves. when you lifted the eyelid (because i was curious), the eyeball is still there along with the colour of the eyes, and you're sitting right in front of it, so it's just a half dead face staring in front of you...the person warned us about it being "graphic" lol. we only went through the major muscles, and even that's a lot to memorise...

ended early today, but completely wasted my arvo =/

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