Saturday, March 22, 2014

whenever i take a "break" from study, i read the news, and today i came across an article about being well travelled. the journalist is a backpacker, and whenever he met someone who's been to x,y and z, he would say he's been to antarctica. then he met a group of people who like him also been to all 7 continents and he was 27, so he was the most well travelled. but then came a canadian guy, only 23, and already been to all 7 continents. wow, that's pretty crazy. i'll finish my degree (inb4 i fail a subject, which isn't rare for my course) when i'm 23, and i'll still only have been to 3/7 continents...then they were saying how people of their calibre compared passport stamps and they actually "collected" them by visiting weird countries. also, they would increase their "country count" by going to places like Greenland, which actually isn't a does a 23 year old have that much time and money to travel? well, i guess his parents are rich.

virgin australia has renovated its melbourne lounge, and it does look super fancy. time to book myself a business class ticket/tag along with dad. don't have anything i want to do in Melbourne cbd though...imo, there's no point flying business for a 1.5 hour flight...although i do want to see the new lounge and its apparently better than qantas (domestic), and virgin australia tickets are generally cheaper than qantas. one day i will go into the first class qantas lounge...

also, i was thinking would i prefer to jump out of a plane i.e. skydive for 1 minute or bag a branded handbag for $600+. skydiving doesn't last long, but its an experience, but a leather handbag lasts a lifetime...then almost nek minnit, turns out a plane in queensland which was taking people to go skydiving crashed straight after take off....

all these aviation news stories hasn't put me off flying-i still love flying and planes!

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