Monday, March 3, 2014

Made it to 2nd

not everyone passed last year, so i'm just glad to have made it to 2nd year. optm is going to be hectic this year. have a field trip on thurs, but no idea where i'm going ): don't know who has the folder with my name on it =/

woke up before 7 today!

i think i'll like physiology, mainly because the MC in finals is based of computer quizzes, and the stuff they test in mid sem won't be tested in finals. it's a sigh a relief, trust me, even though it's quite content heavy. there's 650 people doing phsl which is heaps =/

anatomy is going to be fun looking at dead bodies. only 3 assessments, which again is a sigh of relief (even though they're weighted a lot, it's less to keep track of). optm has about 10 things per strand, so over 30 things marked/assessed/assignments etc throughout the semester...

no visn lectures this week, quite strange.

mondays are going to be horrible. start the day of at biomed in upper campus, then back to lower campus, then back up to clancy in upper, then back down to lower campus. and if i don't catch a uni bus in the morning, it's another extra 15 min walk up to boomed first thing in the morning. today people came in close to an hour late, and the guy said he'll lock the doors if people arrive more than 10mins next time...

not ready for uni.

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