Tuesday, March 11, 2014

saw carly and tresne today from mkr since they were on sunrise, but everyone walked by them in the morning/no one recognised them, so i tried to take a photo without them noticing...so out of focus photo....but they are so trendy! and i do love their optimism on the show (:

evacuation today during anatomy lab. it was a false alarm and apparently they have quite a few since they're doing construction, but we had to leave and fire trucks came asap, like by the time we walked down the stairs, they arrived. 

also, i think i've finally found the best toilets on campus-the med building! it's a newer building, and the mirrors span the width and almost height of the well, and it's so so much more cleaner. the basins and tiles feel more like a shopping centre rather than a normal uni bathroom. round house bathrooms also feel newer/more modern, but med is so clean. also, no one goes to the med building (apart from med kids+subjects they offer). like bio med is next to it, but it's more often used and a lot older. the physiology labs are also in the med building, and they are the cleanest labs by far! they still building/renovating other labs in the building. 

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