Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Optus RockCorps Concert 2014

my second free concert! survived my first moshpit! i have yet to have a favourite artist to be willing to attend a pay concert (there was a time when i wanted to go to delta's concert in primary. if there was a chance she started singing again, i would go)

even though this year's line up wasn't as spectacular as last yearn everything else was better. there was free rides, you could reserve your spot in the line, lockers to hire (which meant no bags to tug around and i could go in the moshpit without worrying about my stuff), location is easier to get to, and actually started not too late and finished almost on time. last year i lined up at 5, concert started at around 8. this year got there at about 4.30 with rides to occupy your time, and concert started at about 7.30, ending a bit past 11.

i think i was super lucky today. normally i cross the harbour bridge going back home. since there was the massive fire in Barangaroo, i caught the train over the bridge so i didn't have to get stuck in the 2+hours of peak hour traffic in the arvo if i ended my normal time...also, i could stay till the end of the concert since i have a 1pm start tomorrow (unlike last year where i had to miss the script since i had a 9am start).

you could still breath after the first artist. but once the djs, LAM, pumped the songs, people jumped/pushed you forward. the djs are pretty hot, and they were so good! actually, the best i've heard so far. super good mix of songs, and beats etc. a person tweeted that they wanted to have them at their 21st, well if i had the money, i would as well! after all those parties, cruises etc i've been to, these guys are the best i've heard so far! last years ones weren't good...'s after every artist, i kinda got pushed/squeezed a row forward, and made it to the front row half way through the night! (: never experienced so much sweat and physical contact from strangers before...

here are some snapshots
 (sorry if they're out of focus-don't have time to focus them with people bumping/jumping into you....)
they opened most of the rides (:

only one section of sitting. i think the Big Top is slightly smaller than the Horden Pavilion

Samantha Jade!

i knew her, whilst other people didn't. she was always good looking on x-factor, but seeing her irl, she's hot! she's pretty good live as well and she's so cheery and happy.

Miguel-"mystery artist"

i only recognised one song since i don't really know him. 


they sang quite a lot, like each vocalist did their own song. got to touch the guy, but he was so sweaty it felt awkward lol. they're pretty good with the crowd. 

Empire of the Sun! i actually knew a few of the songs. they took a while to set up, with their own personal team checking the instruments etc. they are so good live! their costumes are amazing, as well as choreography, lighting, props and all those screens behind. the dancers had about 4 costume changes, and they just look spectacular! he came in through/out a trap door-so cool. he also threw 2 picks, and the drummer through a drum stick. got to touch him as well, but you could smell the vodka on him =/ at least he still sang well. 

did you know, earlier in the day i volunteered for 4 hours, then in my optm tute the person made us stand for the whole hour and all i wanted to do was sit! then went to the concert and stood from 4.30 until 11pm. so technically, i've stood/jumped for at least 11 hours today. unfortunately, i didn't lose any weight ): lol

phone managed to last the whole day-from 7.30am to 12.30am. managed to take videos, photos, snapchats etc. just have to know how to preserve your battery life (:

nts: uni wifi is actually really fast at uploading blogger photos via my phone.

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