Thursday, March 14, 2013

first of all, yesterday in my chem lab there was also a person called Elisa, yes, spelt my way. so i finally know of someone with the same name as me BUT her's was pronounced E-lie-sa, which i hate, so phew, still have a name which is unique (as in i have never met a person whose names is spelt and pronounced my way)
didn't talk to her since she was intimately talking with the guy next to her, so it was awks if i did try to talk to her...

really need to actually care about these computer tasks. failed the first chem one since i decided to "troll" /spam it...and now i'm scared about maple. i think i should go to their free helping sessions.

people literally camp outside the lecture room when we have vision, everyone wants a seat close to the front to see those diagrams with a million lines.

i still don't get bio. defs least confident since they just go through slides and have no tutes. we write a peer review essay on a peer reviewed journal?

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