Sunday, March 17, 2013

noooo. that feeling when you spent a lot of time doing, then realised you did it wrong ))):

i was really sad yesterday because i thought i wouldn't get my work/catch up before monday. but now it's sunday, and i think i'm ok for now.

wrote 3 chapters of notes for bio. IT IS SO FREAKIN CONTENT HEAVY. whoever said bio was easy? well, there's not much to understand or even calculate, but there's sooo much to know/memorise! 2+ years of bio plus more uni bio all put into one semester. the last time i did bio stuff was yr 9 (since accelerating chem meant putting yr 9and10 stuff together). now i just tell myself, it's ok, if i could memorise 5 essays and 2 creatives for hsc, hopefully i can memorise all this bio content.

last week's vision questions were easy, and now bam, i can't do half of them. understanding the things isn't too hard, it's the application which is always the hardest.

i feel like more froyo. if they don't change the time of the optom cruise, then i guess i can't go. oh wells, that 40 bucks for food, drinks and cruise can be used for a weekly froyo for 10 weeks...or for more food. i stand across from the Chef's Gallery every day waiting for the bus, nd looking at the chefs making the food. yum (:

i always want to try masterchef food. i don't really like rhys. he never knows what to cook. i wanted rhett to win even though he's so stuck up. they win so much more in professionals. i always think that marco would have a heart attack shouting at people 24/7 one day...i actually didn't watch the full finale today. i've only seen less than 5 this whole season.

got no work done tonight...

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