Saturday, March 2, 2013

this morning i was all set to go to chatswood to eat. turns out trackwork on the northern lines, so all trains shut from hornsby to strathfield, and also epping to chatswood. no way would i catch of city rail bus to strathfield, then train it to chatswood via city. that's a massive, massive loop.
MY TRIP VIEW WASN'T LYING WHEN IT DIDN'T SHOW ANY TRAINS FOR SATURDAY OR SUNDAY ON MY LINE! it's like how i thought it was wrong, but it wasn't when i thought it screwed up when it showed no buses to the city before 9am, but then it had an update on timetable that exact night i saw something strange...I LOVE TRIP VIEW! IT IS SO ACCURATE!

so i went with mum to eat at Taste of Shanghai at Eastwood. too hyped up form friends. service wasn't great. food was alright, but portions were sooo small, and defs not worth it. the xiao long bao was half the size of the ones i had in hong kong. i really miss hk food. soooo not worth it, even the noodles for 10 bucks were literally noodles with heaps and heaps of oil, and a teeny tiny bit of pork/veggies. i had eastwood, esp on saturday cause of the parking.

it took me forever to go over yr11 chem. wow, it's been over 2 years. i have forgotten a lot, the basics like, balancing simple equations ): I AM GOING TO GO OVER MY YR12 STUFF TOMORROW. need to put it in caps, so if i tell the world, there is a bigger chance i will do it.

also, with the water question from the survey, i don't bring water to church (ever since high school started, i decided i ceebs to bring a bottle to church), or outings less than an hour.

can't wait for tomorrow's dinnerrrrr

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  1. We went to taste of shanghai a few days ago! we thought it was decent, the bread with condensed milk is nice

    didn't know about trackwork and had to walk home from epping in the rain, why no one tell me about this earlier