Friday, March 22, 2013

i think i have this whole transport thing downpact. finally went on buses that don't go past central and were express buses! and now i can go martin place and walk past sunrise everyday! goal achieved. it's like how i saw them change lanes on the harbour bridge just before peak hour-goal achieved (:

today it took me total of 3 hours. i knew if i kept on going to central and then charging at 393/395, i would be even more stressed. i have never taken the unsw express from central in the morning before. the lines are too damn long.
and if i start later in the day, other buses from town hall which don't pass through central can go to uni (:

my opinion of bio really depends on the lecturers. today's person was intersting, as she did a mini experiment in a normal lecture room.

why does maple only work sometimes? ): on my mac and my school laptop, it didn't open tonight. this sucks. so many online maths stuff need to be done by next week. as well as tests and essays and group project and study before mid-sem break! who said uni life was chillax?

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